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Request Access

Page history last edited by Jeff Creamer 6 years, 2 months ago

Greetings, Math Department Colleagues!

I believe you will like the Computer Learning Portal for Hamilton I have set up at PBWorks (see here).

Simple to use, it provides each Teacher with a Teacher Page that students can consult at home or when using the computer lab.  (Note:  Students need not log in or enter any password to view a teacher's Teacher Page.)

On each Teacher Page, the teacher can provide assignments, directions, web-links, pictures, drawings, or other information their students need in the lab (or in their course).

A Department Page for each Department also allows Department members to share useful graphics, files, etc. with other Department members.

To edit your Teacher Page, or to view or edit the Department Pages, you must provide an active email address and set an enabling password.  To do that:

    1)    Surf to the Hamilton website (lbhamilton.schoolloop.com).
    2)    Click the red button marked "Computer Learning Portal" in the left margin.*
    3)    Find and click the "request access" link on the Portal Page, in the right-hand margin.*

Note:  * means a screenshot is provided below.  Now complete your access request via these three steps--
    a.    Key in your email address.
    b.    Key the confirmation letter, provided in the shaded area, into the small text box.*
    c.    Click "Send to administrator".*

I am acting as administrator for the Portal and will happily approve your request upon receipt.   You will then receive an email at the address you provide, containing instructions to set your password.  Respond to this email ASAP.

Thank you very sincerely!   I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Jeff Creamer

Screenshots  (look for yellow box marking areas mentioned)

Click the red button  marked "Computer Learning Portal" in the left margin.


Find and click the "request access" link on the Portal Page, in the right-hand margin:



Key the confirmation letter. provided in the shaded area, into the small text box.



Click "Send to administrator".


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