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Computer Science Principles Portal - Millikan High School

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Content Objectives → Weeks 19-32

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Today’s Learning Targets (Can You Master Them?

• Understand:  When you click "I Accept" on a website that provides free services, you are likely giving up privacy.

• Know:  Data collected from and about you by sites like Facebook can run to volumes and volumes if printed out.  No legal right of privacy applies to such data because of the "Third Party Doctrine".

• Do:  Explain the "Third Party Doctrine" and give examples of how, even according to the Supreme Court, who created that doctrine, it may have become ill-suited to modern dependence on digital media.  What types of situations might force a change to this doctrine?


• Understand:  Parody is one way copyrighted material may sometimes be used without an author's permission.  Not all parodies qualify as Fair Use, for example.

• Know:  There is no presumption of fair use just because the work is a parody, or because it was not distributed for profit.  All four "Fair Use" criteria must be applied in each case--purpose and character of the use, the amount of the copyrighted work used, the degree to which the use is transformative, the effect of the use on the work's potential market.

• Do:  Listen to/watch several parodies of songs by Weird Al Yankovic.  Weird Al says his personal rule is to obtain permission to make a new version from the writers whose songs he parodies.  But he does not always follow that rule:  more than once he has released songs for free over the internet after he was unable to obtain permission.  What do you think about this?


• Understand:  In copyright terms, to record a song is to make a 'derivative' work from it.  The copyright holder must give his/her permission for this.  In order to promote free expression, however, Congress decided that anyone should be allowed to record and sell their own version of any published song in exchange for a small payment for each copy made, paid to the copyright holder.  Because songwriters are compelled (forced) to give permission, these permissions are called 'compulsory' licenses.

• Know:  These terms--cover version, mechanical license, compulsory license, master use rights, the Harry Fox Agency.

• Do:  Explain how the existence of Creative Commons licensing changes this picture. 


6 min    Copy today's Slide to your Notebook:

             225 Third Party Doctrine


2 min      Log into your iMac (9-digit student ID + birthday) 1 min

              Log into SchoolLoop and check your grades.


10 min   Watch 10-min segment from the 2013 documentary,

              Terms and Conditions May Apply (Amazon/Netflix)


15 min   Fan videos made from Weird Al songs:

              Yoda  (DPiddy89's version, 2.6 million views)

              The Ebay Song (Asian Boys version, 8 million views)


A.T.A.   "Catch Up" Stuff (Old Work!)


              Q26 Copyright Quiz Part B.


              NC13 Notebook Check 5-09-14.


              Lab 216  Steve Jobs and the Free Software Foundation have both thought

              that DRM is a bad idea. Visit the FSF site and complete and submit today's

              Lab exercise, 216 Defective By Design Campaign.           


             Lab 207.  Download and watch the Copyright Basics video.

             Complete/submit Questions On Copyright Video handout.


             Lab 204.  Add a journal entry to your Flex page containing at

             least 3 sentences.  Date the entry 4-29-14:

             How Music Matters

             Q25 Copyright Part A


             Lab 203.  Go find your Flex Page in the SandBox (create one

             if you haven't already:  must show date page was

             created and name 3 things that interest you).

             For 6o points, copy the web address of your page

             and add hyperlink to your page under Our Pages.


             Watch Google's 40-second video about the YouTube Audio Library

             (For direct link to Library click here)

             Also watch the 6:38 video on Copyright Forever.


             Watch first 3:14 of video, YouTube Copyright Basics.

             Check out Google support page--

             How Copyright Claims May Affect Your Video,  (printable version)

             Work today's practice questions, 201 Copyright and YouTube.

             Keep these questions for help on the Copyright Quiz.


             Lab 197.  Email the link to your Flappy Bird Page (in the Sandbox)

             to Mr. Creamer, listing the Subject as 197.  Mr. Creamer

             will post the link under Our Pages.


*****      CATCH UP!!!   View your SchoolLoop scores on screen.

*****      SHOW WORK (not emails) for credit on assignments.


A.T.A.   Complete, show to Mr. Creamer, and email if not already done:

             Create and Document Your Flappy Bird Game.

             Hour of Code (directions).

             Q24 Code Part A

             185  Lab Messages Sent To And From Friends

             Q23 Data Security

             NC 11 Notebook Check 03-28-14 

             179 Create A Flex Page

             176 Make Yourself a Graphic Avatar

             171 Create Web Page With Name And Clip Art

             170 Save Three Public Domain Images To Locker

             Q21 Robots, Part A

             Q20 Online Gaming

             NC09 Notebook Check 2-21-14

             128 Lab - Rid Yourself of Unnecessary Paragraph Marks  (key)

             133 Lab - Columns and Pictures  (key)

             142 Lab - Search And Replace In MS-Word

             * = As Time Allows

              If you've got everything else done:
              Have you drawn & saved at least two (2)

              cool Paintbrush images in your Locker?

2 min     Log out and prepare for departure.   pz


             Previous agenda:  05-09-14





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