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Mansa Musa Hajj Project

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Directions for Jan. 4-8:

  • Download the "Hajj Personal Journal Template" file to your Desktop, by right-clicking that link in the Journal Project Files section below and choosing "Save Link As...".
  • When you have the file on your Desktop, open it to see what's inside.  Your job is to find pictures for the boxes labeled "Art," and to type in your story beneath the pictures, as text.  The story should be personal, and written in character.  For your character's name, please use a name that is commonly given to children in Africa--try the link below for ideas.
  • Store the Journal file in your Locker when time is up.  If the assignment is finished, please submit it from your locker to Ms. Turner.


Journal Project Files (January 4-8)

Hajj Personal Journal Template (3-panel Brochure) - [<== Right-click the link, and choose Save Link As...]

Save pictures from Google Images onto your Desktop to drag into the template.

List of African baby names.


Extra Credit

Map of the Journey  (Use PowerPoint's Curve Connector to plot the Mansa's journey)

Muslim Proverbs 

Hand-Style Fonts


Warmup Materials

One-Minute Quiz

Project Introduction PowerPoint



Orientation Activity for Tuesday, Dec. 7:

RIGHT-CLICK the World Map link below, then choose Save As... to save the map to your desktop where you can work on it and submit it.
You'll also need to log into SchoolLoop to submit the assignment for credit--you can do that in another tab right now if you have a moment.

Watch the Running the Sahara 1080P Movie Trailer on YouTube.

World Map:  The Journey of Mansa Musa


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