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Turner Mansa Musa 2015

Page history last edited by Jeff Creamer 4 years, 7 months ago

Directions:  To download each file below, first left-click the link. 

Then on the linked page, right-click the "Download" tab to save to your desktop.


Mansa Musa Panel Templates File (PowerPoint)


12 Arabic Style Fonts - Slide Examples (PDF file)

Download this slide-show according to the directions in red above.  Open it to see examples

of these fonts applied to a familiar quote.


12 Arabic Style Fonts (Zipped Folder)

Double-click the ZIP file you download to your Desktop, which will create a folder with the same name.

Double-click the folder to open it.

To install one of the fonts listed, double-click the font name.  Click the "Install Font" button

in the font viewer to install the font.

Note:  A couple of these fonts contain minor errors, which your computer may warn you about. 

However, these errors are not critical, so it is safe to install them anyway.

Once the font is installed, it will appear in your Font menu, although with Office applications you

typically quit, then re-load, for these programs to recognizer the new font.   You can use the

drop-down menu to select the font, but because there are a lot of fonts on these machines it is

usually quicker just to type the first few letters of the name in the selection box.


Google Translate (Muslim Proverb for Extra Credit)

Get the file of Muslim proverbs from Ms. Turner's locker, or google to find one of your own

that you like.  Then translate the proverb to Arabic and paste it into one of the Extra

Credit panels for fun!

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